Artist Statement







Sanja Lukac is an artist and curator who exclusively works with traditional analogue processes, utilizing paper, plate, polaroid and film negatives in her contemporary photography practice.

Her fine art portfolios express the relationship to the human form returning to the pulse of the natural world. Capturing nature as the seductress, and our organic presence when emerged in our primal environments through the female gaze. In addition capturing her own culture and surroundings in her documentary work that is inspired by her endless love affair with the decisive moment.

She is also one of the founders and the Executive Director of SEITIES a traditional photography publication + gallery that is dedicated to international artists who work with traditional methods of production in contemporary photography.

She is one of the Authors of THE STIMULANT, an Environmental Developer catalyzed to lessen the toxic effect of the Traditional Darkroom on the Environment and the Photographers Health.

Photograph by Francis A. Willey